Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Madden NFL 11 with Victory Prima Pils

I'm not big on sports games. The last one I really enjoyed was Madden '07, and that was mostly because the Bears were ranked much higher than usual that season. However, after playing through Red Dead Redemption, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and most of Fallout: New Vegas (I'll post soon on it), I was in the mood for something different. And after receiving a Best Buy gift card for Christmas, I wanted to buy a game that I could keep coming back to for a long time.

Madden 11 is a lot like every other Madden game. It has relatively simplified controls, which I'm not liking too much so far, but it's still quite enjoyable. But I'm not going to ramble on about the game. There are some obvious pairing possibilities here, such as the Miller Lite that I would be drinking at a football stadium, the kool-aid that I would be drinking if I were actually playing in the NFL (I would add vodka), or the cheap brandy I would be drinking in the booth if I were John Madden. But these are all far from being the best options, as I'm not actually at a game, I'm not a frat boy, and I'm not a crazy old man. I'm at home, where I can sit in a comfortable chair and drink whatever I damn well please. And one thing I am frequently damn well pleased to drink is Victory Prima Pils.

While I rejected the idea of drinking Miller Lite with Madden, I did think that a delicious lager would be a great idea. Clearly only an American lager would do. And my favorite American lager of all time is Victory's Prima Pils. Prima Pils pours a deep gold with a nice fluffy head. It has a strong spicy, grassy, floral hoppiness to it that make it go hand and hand with running around a freshly-mowed virtual football field (for games on astroturf I drink 4Loko). It has some nice subtle malty notes, and overall is both refreshing and robust. I highly recommend this pairing, and will doubtlessly return to it myself before too long.


  1. I've long thought, the New York Times once said (, and now the quintessential expert agrees, that Prima Pils is a perfect ballgame drink. Does it stand up to the cold weather is my only concern, cause it's fucking freezing in my apartment, and I want to drink the right drink while watching the Bears. How is Rye and football? What beer do they serve on Lake Shore Drive?

  2. Rye and Football is great! When I went to the Bears-Patriots game a month ago, I didn't actually drink anything. My brother got a beer, but it froze before he finished it. I drank a bunch of mead before the game, and that worked pretty well.