Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sometimes being under the influence causes us to do things that we later regret. While my more juvenile readers get their minds out of the gutter, I'll explain that the other night, while drinking whiskey, I took it upon myself to edit my Gamefly queue. I still can't explain the impulse that caused me to order Deadliest Catch: Seas of Chaos, but I did, and it's currently on its way. I think I thought it would be funny. And it might be, but I'm going to need to come up with something great to pair with it. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. i hear a nice dry riesling or a pinot gris is supposed to go good with crab.

  2. Only hard liquor is appropriate for Deadliest Catch, but what? Probably just vodka-- chilled and taken in shot form every time there's a break in the action.