Sunday, June 13, 2010

de Blob with Dark Horse Raspberry Ale

I have a tendency to pair fruit beers with cartoony video games. de Blob certainly qualifies as cartoony. The game involves controlling a paint-covered blob that rolls around colorfully painting gray scale landscapes. It's unique and somewhat entertaining, though it has thus far failed in providing much of a challenge for me.

Dark Horse Raspberry Ale pours a hazy orange with a creamy head. It smells like fresh raspberries, and tastes like a moderately-hopped pale ale with raspberries in it. While I give the beer credit for tasting genuinely of raspberries, it's bitterness causes it to taste slightly of cough syrup. It is quite refreshing, but ultimately not that tasty. The same could be said of de Blob. It's quite different from any other game I've played, but it doesn't keep me interested.

While de Blob and Dark Horse Raspberry Ale share similar qualities, I was disappointed with this combination. Just as being at a baseball game makes cheap beer seem delicious, a well-paired drink should make a mediocre game more enjoyable. The Raspberry Ale simply did not complement de Blob like I thought it would.


  1. What a bummer the raspberry ale turned out bad :( It had a lot of potential.

    I wrote a post about your site on my blog. And one of my friends commented about the classic pairing of Parappa the Rapper and Yuengling, if you're on the East coast it's a must try.

  2. Thanks for linking to my site! As for the raspberry ale, it wasn't really bad, just not that good.