Monday, June 7, 2010

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle with Stone Ruination IPA

A while back, I was asked to recommend a pairing for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Having never played the game, but knowing that it features brutal violence and takes place in what seems to be a quasi-Californian setting, I recommended Stone Ruination IPA. Having recently subscribed to Gamefly, I decided to put this pairing to the test.

It's a good thing that I was able to rent this game instead of buying it. Playing this game was a lot like watching the Takashi Miike movies that quite possibly inspired it. By the time I turned it off, I felt dirty and wondered why I had played it for as long as I had. The game revels in vulgarity, making excessively overt commentary on society's sexualization of violence. I am in no way an opponent of crudeness in video games, but this particular one seemed to emphasize shock value far more than gameplay. The game is a monotonous brawler, aside from a slew of mini-games that seem mildly entertaining. After playing for two hours I didn't care to find out whether it was going to get better.
I'm going to stop rambling on like I'm some kind of video game reviewer. While normally video games and booze go hand in hand to create a joy that exceeds the sum of its parts, sometimes booze is just the saving grace of a situation that you wish you weren't involved in. Just like going to a hipster party or eating at Domino's, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is made substantially more palatable by beer.

Ruination IPA is big and tasty. It clocks in at 7.7% abv, and proudly boasts to have over 100 International Bitterness Units worth of bitterness. The loads of hops are balanced out nicely by nutty, biscuity malt along with a subtle yeasty fruitiness. The boldness of Ruination, in addition to its strong bitterness, made it entirely appropriate for consumption alongside No More Heroes 2. While the game was not my cup of tea, the pairing was good. Originally feared that it would take me several days to get through the game, thus delaying my next blog post. However, I am happy to say that I am simply going to mail it back tomorrow, having only made it to the fourth boss.


  1. I personally disagree with you about the level of entertainment inherent in No More Heroes' vulgarity and violence, but I can totally relate to trying out games that underwhelm.

    Gamefly is terrific for this particular quandary. I feel infinitely more value from renting a game that I either end up disliking or finish in two nights than I do from a game that I love and play for months.

    It's also extremely satisfying to yank a game out of your console, throw it back in the mailer and proclaim, "I never want to play that piece of $#!+ again!"

  2. It was definitely satisfying to put that bad boy in the mail box this morning, knowing that my next game should arrive soon. Let me know if you have any recommendations when it comes to recent Wii games.

  3. I came expecting an epic blog, and the first post turned me away. You have no taste in games! No More Heroes is one of the best new IPs in years!