Friday, March 16, 2012

Diablo III Release Date Announced

Blizzard has finally announced a release date for the long-awaited Diablo III. Come May 15th, you will no longer find me going "out" or doing "things." No, I'll have pulled out my old, trusty "mouse" and a carefully-chosen stash of booze, and I will excuse myself from society for the following months. As for what my pairing will be, I'm not yet sure. My very first post on this blog recommended playing Diablo II with Stone Smoked Porter. In a later post I discussed a few other options for Diablo II, including red wine and bourbon. I'll have to think it over. Whatever I choose will most certainly be epic.


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  2. diablo 3 now? only japan bot, and poor gamecard system, d3 was lose his time before d3 wil start