Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Frontier...

Two days ago I fired up my brand new Playstation 3 for the first time. I shouldn't have one. I can't afford such things. Rather than pay for it legitimately, I am trading a very rare commodity: homebrew futures. Like Rumplestiltskin, this PS3 is going to steal my babies, inasmuch as my beers are my children, which they are not.
Ever since CTA buses started carrying giant ads for it a few months ago, I've really wanted to play Red Dead Redemption. A huge percentage of my video game-playing in the last year was dedicated to Grand Theft Auto IV and Bully. I get addicted to games produced by Rockstar, and I was not surprised at all when 4 hours of RDR flew by me before I tore myself away.
I sipped on Old Grand-dad while I played, which was an obvious, yet wholly appropriate pairing. I needed something strong to accompany my first night playing the first non-Nintendo console I have ever owned. I have a feeling that Red Dead Redemption is going to last me a good long time. I'll pick up one or two other whiskeys and give them a whirl, and post my thoughts in the next week or two. Or maybe now that I have Brutal Legend and Batman: Arkham Asylum laying in wait on my coffee table, you'll never hear from me again.


  1. Brutal Legend is very, very good. But you're going to need a strong drink for that one.

  2. I do have a bottle of something called "Vikingsblod." And if "blod" means what I think it does, its got to be hardcore.