Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whiskey, Tequila, and Red Dead Redemption

After a couple strenuous weeks of breaking horses, herding cattle, and killing almost everybody, I've finally come to the end of Red Dead Redemption. Or at least as close as I'm going to get. I could still spend dozens of hours finishing side quests and attaining higher rankings of various sorts, but I have 4 awesome games stacked on my coffee table that I need to get around to. Playing Red Dead was a lot of fun, and Old Grand-dad was certainly perfect for it.

At 100 proof, Old Grand-dad kept the hair on my chest as I fought my way through a long series of sticky (and violent) situations. Its sweet vanilla and alcoholic warmth made it a powerful companion. However, as I progressed through the game and made my way down to Mexico, I remembered that a bottle of Bracero Reposado Tequila was sitting on my liquor shelf.

Sipping straight tequila felt much more appropriate at times when I was surrounded by sandy hills and palm trees. Bracero Reposado is remarkably smooth and complex for an affordable tequila. Subtle fruit and spice make it pleasant for drinking straight up, although I also enjoyed it in a dry margarita with a pickled watermelon rind garnish.
Red Dead Redemption was a fun game to play. I very well may go back and work on some of the things I left unfinished in the game, as I feel that I raced through it without sufficiently exploring its sizable map. And if I do pick it up again, you can be sure I'll have some bourbon and/or tequila to go along with it.
Now I have to decide what to play next. I'd like to start Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I don't have the booze I want to pair with it on hand. Metroid: Other M is really tempting, but I have no idea what to drink with it. Fallout: New Vegas should be awesome, but I think I'll take a brief break from shooters. I also have Brutal Legend, but I'm not in a mood for Jäger. If any of you loyal readers want to advise me on this quandary, don't hold back.


  1. Don't even bother playing brutal legend. The Tim schafer-created-world is awesome, but the RTS gameplay is so shitty that you won't even want to try to finish the game. You're just setting yourself up for major disappointment.
    Your friend

  2. Pwnella, it's been too long! Thanks for the advice. Brutal Legend is at the bottom of my list at the moment, and with Black Ops and the new Donkey Kong Country coming next from Gamefly, I probably won't get around to it for a while anyway. Hope you're doing awesome.