Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Organ Trail with Tanqueray and Tonic

After eating a lot delicious anchovies, burrata, scallops, duck, and pie tonight, I couldn't refuse an espresso. With no regrets, I blame the latter on my being up at this hour. Needing to simmer down, I found myself drinking a Tanqueray and tonic while playing an awesome Flash variation off of a classic PC game.

I vividly remember playing the Oregon Trail as a child. The idea of traveling out west while assaulting animals with a rifle always appealed to me. And now the blessed people of the internet have created for us a post-apocalyptic version of the game, which can be found here.
The game plays very much like the original, though shopping carts have replaced the mighty buffalo and zombie bites have replaced hysteria. I fully endorse the Tanq and Tonic as a pairing for this game, as it provides refreshment in a parched world devoid of sanitary water and civility. But start playing before 1:30 in the morning. It takes a while to make it out West.

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