Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Super Mario Bros. with a Perfect Manhattan on the Rocks

After watching the awesome Blackhawks defeat the terrible Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals, I needed to relax. I was going to try to find a pairing for de Blob, which seems to be a decent game, but not one that I felt like playing. I didn't know what I wanted to play. But I did know what I wanted to drink.

The Manhattan is my cocktail of choice, preferably of the "perfect" variety that uses equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth. I mixed myself one on the rocks using Very Old Barton 100 Proof Bourbon, Angostura bitters and a fresh cherry garnish. Then I started looking at my video game library. My choice was obvious.

Super Mario Bros. is a classic and classy game that goes very well with a cocktail of the same breed. Both it and the Manhattan appear to be of simple construction, but are the epitome of their own genres. Both are extremely enjoyable.
It took me about an hour to get through the game. I'm not in my peak form, and honestly I've always had the tendency to freak out around Bowser. I had met him in level 8-4 twice, and was determined to try only once more. I played it fast and loose to get to him quickly, and by the time I reached his castle, I had but one life remaining. I entered his chamber. Cascades of axes and brutal fire were flung at me, but I leapt through their midst unscathed, and finally delivered the death-blow unto this foul creature. Could I have done it without the Manhattans? We'll never know.

Coming soon: Avery Brewing Company's The Beast (Vintage 2006) with Altered Beast. WISE FWOM YOUW GWAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Super Mario Bros. is one of my favorite video game. I really love playing it. I heard that neon light is used in making of it true ?? If yes, how does it work ??